Researchers of Lifelong Learning in Music


The mission of the Adult & Community Music Education Special Research Interest Group (ACME SRIG) is to promote research that fosters active involvement in the making, creating, and studying of music in the diverse and complex communities in which we live and across the life span through the understanding of the unique learning characteristics of adults.

To become a member of the Adult and Community Music Education SRIG, please contact Caroline Arlington at to have the SRIG committee membership added to your membership record.

Chair: Susan Avery (2018-2020)

Chair-elect: Samuel Tsugawa (2020-22)

The ACME SRIG  is a blog format. The hope is to periodically post newsworthy information about:

  1. Conferences and symposia
  2. Recently published books, articles and dissertations
  3. Web links
  4. Essays
  5. Events
  6. People

If you use a RSS feed reader (like Google Reader) so that you can automatically receive new posts, the URL you need to search for is


Don Coffman
University of Miami

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